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En Passant Chess

Chess Success Secrets
Discover chess secrets used by Grand Masters!

The Chess Piece
Chess store selling chess sets, electronic chess games, chess computers and fine chess pieces, carved chess figures and chess boards.

Play Chess online Now!
Play chess for free against other players across the world in real time.

Chess Tournament and Match History
A timeline of major matches and tournaments in chess history with crosstables and games in pgn format...

Notizie del circolo, attivit�, archivio partite.

Chess - Online Guide
Dedicated to numerous traditional board games in the chess family.

Nalimov Tablebase Server - Lokasoft
Online query of the server. All 3,4, and 5 piece endgames are available. For programmers; the service...

Nyheter og informasjon om sjakk. Startside for Norges sjakkforbund og Ungdommens sjakkforbund.

IBM Research
Deep Blue

How to Play Chess
Flash movies explaining the basic moves, terms, and concepts. Includes a study guide and audio commentary...

"Catch the King"
Paul Simon is a National Chess Master, teacher, and organizes tournaments, simultaneous exhibitions...

THE WASTE LAND by TS Eliot Nam Sibyllam quidem Cumis ego ipse ...
Download the complete work in plain text format.

Information about the origin and the rules of Kriegspiel, as well as information about Internet play.

ChessGenius for the Pocket PC
[Commercial - $25] World Champion chess engine, 128K hash tables, 130 KB [Updated 10/19/2001].

Pocket Press
an Ezine review of 7 Palm chess programs. Those that also run on Pocket PC are noted.

Fortress Chess
Engine that runs on Windows and Linux.

Circular Chess
Uses a circular board. Offers rules and download.

Guide to the use of Computer Chess Endgame Tablebases
Answers common questions regarding the use of endgame tablebases.

Rampart Chess for Palm OS
[Commercial -$9.95, no demo] hires support, OS5 enhanced, 5 levels of game play, two-player mode,...

Chess Graphics, a collection devoted to all aspects of chess ...
A site devoted to all aspects of chess graphics. Offers photographs, cartoons, ray tracing, paintings,...

3x3 Chess
Analysis, problems, and discussion on nine-square board gameplay.

The Great Pawn Hunter Chess Tutorial
An engine.

Terminologies del Gabinet de Terminologia
Vocabulari catal�, amb els equivalents en castell�, franc�s i angl�s, del Gabinet de Terminologia...

Chess Rules Index Page
Rules, basics on how the pieces move, books, and a downloadable freeware chess game.

V�lkommen till Limhamns SKs hemsida
A collection with an international scope, by Alan Cowderoy.

ChessGenius for the Palm
Review of ChessGenius program on the Palm platform.

Carrick Chess Club
Maybole. Meeting details, news, and player photographs.

Xiangqi may be the most popular board game on Planet Three. It is a great game, but it is virtually...

Der Verein stellt sich vor und informiert �ber Mannschaftsergebnisse. Werbematerialien und ein Aufnahmea...

Welcome to The chess page
A tutorial on the basics and intermediate skills needed in chess.

Chess Federation of Canada
Nouvelles sur les tournois, les clubs, les ressources, les �coles et le mat�riel disponible pour...

From how to set up a chess board to the latest in cutting-edge ...
Chess forum featuring a chess book exchange where everyone is welcome to particpate in lively discussions...

Pittsburgh Chess Club
Club information, membership information, youth chess, tournament history, affiliate clubs, and regional...

m759's Xanga Site
Web journal of Steven H. Cullinane. Remarks on literary and other topics.

Chicago Point Backgammon Links
List of backgammon hyperlinks, conveniently organized and kept up to date (by Mel Leifer).

Bughouse and Tandem Chess
Bughouse rules and strategy, as well as information about playing by email., LawTV's site for law students, lawyers, future ...
Law school activities, admissions, information, news, and resources.

Chess Code: Didactic Chess Programming
(Freeware, DOS, source code) Solves orthodox direct mates, emphasizes clear code at expense of speed.

George Koltanowski 1903-2000
Includes career history.

EN PASSANT - N�rresundby Skakklub
Aktivitetskalender, rangliste mm Omfattende liste af skak programmer til download.

Rules for 'dimensionalized chess' or '3-D chess'
Instructions for a three dimensional version.

Das Java-Tool zum Erstellen und Editieren von PGN-Dateien mit der M�glichkeit zum HTML-Export wird...

Winboard Forum
Information and discussion about WinBoard and related topics.



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