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Chess Tactics

Chess Success Secrets
Discover chess secrets used by Grand Masters!

The Chess Piece
Chess store selling chess sets, electronic chess games, chess computers and fine chess pieces, carved chess figures and chess boards.

Play Chess online Now!
Play chess for free against other players across the world in real time.

Winning Chess Combinations
A collection of 49 winning combinations from the best chess players of all time including Morphy, Lasker, Fischer, Tal, Kasparov and others.

Chess Strategy, Chess Lessons, Chess Instruction, Chess Tips ...
Lessons with Gabriel Schwartzman. [Membership required.]

IBM Research
Deep Blue

Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess - from
$9.95 - ages 10 and up - good for beginners and intermediate players.

The Week in Chess
News updates about chess.

CHEBACHE - NEW STRATEGIC BOARD GAME: Uniting Checkers, Backgammon ...
A strategic board game combining elements of checkers, backgammon and chess and bridging the gaps...

Chess servers hosting multiple games.

Partner Chess
Four-player variant. Toll free and fax ordering only. Illinois, USA

Infinite Chess, a Chess variant with a Figure 8 chess board ...
The traditional rules of chess on a figure eight board. = New in Chess magazine yearbook CDROMs books ...
Chess magazine, books, CDROMs, New in Chess Yearbook, covering top level chess games and players includin...

Answers to infrequently asked questions, by Bert Enderton.

Texas Chess Association
Chess event schedule and reports, membership information, and list of Texas chess clubs.

Online games
Over 100 quality games, including blackjack (21), chess, backgammon, mahjong, chinese checkers, battleshi...

SoYouWanna learn how to play chess?
Concise, step-by-step instructions that will teach you to play chess. Explains the board set-up,... -- Chess Programming Part I: Getting Started
The first article in a six-part series about programming computers to play chess, and by extension...

The Palview Pages
HTML/Javascript generator that takes a PGN file and makes it a playable annotated game on your web page.

Chess World - chess contest, games, software, PGN files and ...
Contains online play, PGN files, news, and contest information.

University of Missouri Chess Club
Club information, meeting and tournament schedule, and tournament results.

Logical Chess, Home of Chess on the Web. Learn, read, and study! ...
Organized chess problem archive that allows viewing in GIF and ASCII format.

Brian Kills Jake in Chess For Fun
Personal chess page tracking the games of Brian Bien against Jake Borsenik.

Graduate Chess - A Pocket Chess Assistant
[Shareware-$24] Chess tutorial/trainer, PGN support. Checkmate problems, tactics, and more chess resources.
Features problems, tips, and biographies.

The Chess Knights
A community offering discussion and online gameplay.

Chess in Manitoba :: An information source for Manitoba Players
Frequently Updated

Chess For Juniors
Runs national chess camps and workshops for youth and Colorado's Scholastic Chess Club.

Very simple, free chess program written in ANS Forth, by Jeff Fox of UltraTechnology.

Computer Chess / Chess Engines (Winboard) & Chess Programming Info ...
45 links to information on computer chess programming (bottom section of this web page)

3 MAN CHESS in the round
Uses a circular board. Features a game overview, rules, reviews, and purchasing information.

Chess Puzzles Series. Chess tutorial games, puzzles and training ...
Chess tutorial games and training simulators for kids. Free software downloads. Online Chess Games Database
Online PGN chess game database with java viewers, and chat forums.

Loraine's 4 in a row website
Links to 4 in a row game type games. Includes tournaments and clubs.

Chess Software-Free Chess to Download-Chess Sets-Strategy ...
Offering chess books, software, downloads and chess sets. Includes a comprehensive chess product review...

Chess is Fun
Offers rules, openings, endgames, tactics, book reviews, and game archive.

Discover Bruno's free online chess problems of the day
Features levels of difficulties in problems ranging from very easy (checkmate in 1) to very difficult...

Youth Chess
Chess site including tournament information, news, ratings, and instruction.

Chinese Chess
Rules, sample games, and endings.

Help file
Information and advice about bughouse strategy, as well as terminology.

Solitaire Strategy Guide
Nine-step decision making process that guides a player to the correct play.

Chess Software, Chess Download and Chess Training Online
Chess training, downloads, skill evaluations and improvement guides, and a wide range of chess software... - Play free online chess
Online correspondence chess played against friends or other members. Includes commmunity forum and...

International Email Chess Group Newsletter
Official chess newsletter of the International Email Chess Group.

Correspondence Chess League of America Official Web Site
North American correspondence chess community dating back to 1897. Offering instruction, email and...

ChessMate Chess Software
[Commercial - $19] Teaches rules, elementary tactics, and provides graduated opponent to ages 9+ with...

Strategy and Concentration Rashid Ziatdinov Learning Chess
Includes tactics and training.



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