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Chess Success Secrets
Discover chess secrets used by Grand Masters!

The Chess Piece
Chess store selling chess sets, electronic chess games, chess computers and fine chess pieces, carved chess figures and chess boards.

Play Chess online Now!
Play chess for free against other players across the world in real time.

Chess Geek - chess screen saver, pgn viewer, chess puzzles, chess ...
Contains puzzles, books, PGN files, software reviews, news, and links.

Braille Chess.Net
Chess for the blind and deafblind. Articles, rules, worldwide clubs plus learn about braille and see...

Computer Chess / Chess Engines (Winboard) & Chess Programming Info ...
45 links to information on computer chess programming (bottom section of this web page)

Chess is Fun
Offers rules, openings, endgames, tactics, book reviews, and game archive.

UMass Chess Club
Improving every member's skill level of Chess, challenging other chess clubs, and to encourage others...

Chinese Chess
Rules, sample games, and endings.

CalChess, Home of the Northern California Chess Association ...
Conducts chess competitions and exhibitions throughout Northern California. Also, cooperates with...

Welcome to The Chessmill
Features news and club history. Checkmate problems, tactics, and more chess resources.
Features problems, tips, and biographies.

Chess World - chess contest, games, software, PGN files and ...
Contains online play, PGN files, news, and contest information.

David Howell Chess
The site of one of the highest rated British chess players in the Under-20 age group.

Oklahoma Chess Association
Contains membership information, tournaments, a member list, and articles of governance.

Chess Computer Software
Computer programs available on CD-ROM. Indiana, USA

CMSU Chess Players
The official chess club in Warrensburg, Missouri.

Exant Software - ExaChess
[Freeware] Version of Crafty with code added so that ExaChess can be used as a GUI interface and computer...

Arlington Chess Club - 2004
Map and directions, club history, tournament information, regional event information, club photos,...

Pakistan Chess Player
Concentrating on global chess happenings. Includes articles, discussion board, ratings, and reviews.

Ed's ever-growing Chess Page!
Chess pictures, stories, tournaments, games and problems.

New Page
A call for more clubs to develop chess sites with a slide presentation, technical advice and resources.

Bookup - Killer Chess Openings Software
Chess database program.

Chess Graphics, a collection devoted to all aspects of chess ...
A site devoted to all aspects of chess graphics. Offers photographs, cartoons, ray tracing, paintings,...

Xiangqi: Chinese Chess
Contain general game information, links to online shopping, rules, and pieces.

Space Coast Chess
Chess clubs, tournaments, instruction and school activities in Brevard County, Florida.

To Test a Powerful Computer, Play an Ancient Game
A lengthy article on the difficulties of programming a computer to play go.

From how to set up a chess board to the latest in cutting-edge ...
Chess forum featuring a chess book exchange where everyone is welcome to particpate in lively discussions...

Green Light Chess
Free program that plays chess, either with its own graphical interface, or using Tim Mann's Winboard...

Indiana State Chess Association ::
Features tournaments, news, and discussion.

Home of ChessPartner, chessgame for Win95/98/NT/XP - Lokasoft
ChessPartner 4.0 a strong Chessgame for W95/98/NT. Features: 3d pieces, database, PGN support, internet...

The Week in Chess
News updates about chess.

Yahoo! Chess vs. The Chess Servers
Compares the features of Yahoo chess with those of other chess servers.

:: Glasgow Montrose Chess Club ::
Features club meeting information and news, and awards. - Play free online chess
Online correspondence chess played against friends or other members. Includes commmunity forum and...

California Chess Clubs
Provides a listing of California Chess Clubs.

ECC :: Europa Chess Club :: Chess is Chess and opposite!
Includes news, tournament information, and downloads.

International Correspondence Chess Federation - US Main Page
Offers tournament information, ranks, links, and rules.

About Chess : Learn to Play Chess - Games - Instruction - Tips ...
A wealth of chess resources.

Columns (bf1)
Information by Jos Heesen includes articles on female chess players and Jan Hein Donner.

Chess in Manitoba :: An information source for Manitoba Players
Frequently Updated

Hawick Chess Congress 2002: Home Page
Annual tournament held in the Scottish Borders, and of Hawick Chess Club.

GameKnot -- play chess online! Internet chess games.
Online chess community. Online play, tournaments, chess league, and thematic mini-tournaments.

MECCA - CLINK! - Click the link!
A collection of links.

XBoard and WinBoard
A graphic interface program. Includes news, FAQs, and downloads.

Student Chess
Afterschool chess site for all of San Luis Obispo county in California.



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