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Chess Opening Strategy

Chess Success Secrets
Discover chess secrets used by Grand Masters!

The Chess Piece
Chess store selling chess sets, electronic chess games, chess computers and fine chess pieces, carved chess figures and chess boards.

Play Chess online Now!
Play chess for free against other players across the world in real time.

Scrabble Strategy
Provides articles on becoming a better player.

Graduate Chess - A Pocket Chess Assistant
[Shareware-$24] Chess tutorial/trainer, PGN support.

Jonathan's Reversi Page
Includes rules of reversi, advanced strategy for reversi, programs for playing, practicing, and analyzing...

Chess Software-Free Chess to Download-Chess Sets-Strategy ...
Offering chess books, software, downloads and chess sets. Includes a comprehensive chess product review...

[Commercial - $48] Macintosh version of a former world champion chess program.

Offers a wide selection of sets and related products.

Brian Kills Jake in Chess For Fun
Personal chess page tracking the games of Brian Bien against Jake Borsenik. Online Chess Games Database
Online PGN chess game database with java viewers, and chat forums.

Plateau - The Ultimate Game of Strategy and Intrigue.
Abstract strategy board game. Offers ordering, computer version, storyline, articles, and reviews.

Bill Wall's Chess Master Profiles - Philidor (Dec 14, 2002)
Features a chronology of events in his chess career.

chess . com Online Chess Game
Shows children how to play the game using an online version of it. Also includes links.

Chess Notes
Contains past games and letters.

IBM Research
Deep Blue

Strategy Mixing and Non-locality: An Empirical Investigation
Scolarly article, "Strategy Mixing and Non-locality: An Empirical Investigation".

United States Chess Clubs
Directory listing of local clubs and tournaments organized by state with contact and location information.

Colorado Springs Chess News
Includes a newsletter, articles, games, upcoming events, and a place to submit your own articles.

Multi-User Dimensions Inc.
Sells a number of Windows games such as Gems, Graduate Chess, and Cribbage, as well as several titles...

The Week in Chess
News updates about chess.

The My Hero Project - Judit Polgar
Description on why Judit Polgar is the hero to many people. Bios and photos included.

John Greschak - Connections between Music and Chess
An annotated bibliography of musical compositions related to chess.

Welcome to Xiang Qi - The Art of Chinese Chess
Packed with ancient Chinese history, philosophy and mythology. Visitors to the temple can learn about...

ChessMate Chess Software
[Commercial - $19] Teaches rules, elementary tactics, and provides graduated opponent to ages 9+ with... - Chess News - Little monsters!
Article on chess-playing programs for Palm and PocketPC, discusses Chess Genius, Chess Tiger, Pocket Fritz.

The Palview Pages
HTML/Javascript generator that takes a PGN file and makes it a playable annotated game on your web page.

Wrath Unleashed Review on Xbox
Xbox review by Eduardo Zacarias, [7.5/10]. "Both demanding and highly enjoyable at the same time,...

The Chess Knights
A community offering discussion and online gameplay.

ECC :: Europa Chess Club :: Chess is Chess and opposite!
Category: Games > Video Games > ... > Board Games > Freeware > Connect
A version of 'Connect Four' for Windows.

Chess Software, Chess Download and Chess Training Online
Chess training, downloads, skill evaluations and improvement guides, and a wide range of chess software...

Chess Subjects
Information includes rules, tactics, clubs, software, and Internet play.

Very simple, free chess program written in ANS Forth, by Jeff Fox of UltraTechnology.

PocketChess vs. Chess Genius Article
A report by Toby Robison about a seven game match between these two chess programs, at various time...

William Steinitz 1836
Gives details of the first official world chess champion

Dr. Robert Hyatt's home page
The Crafty father personal page.

VA Chess Federation
Tournament calendar, scholastic chess, federation newsletter, USCF ratings, state champion list, and... = New in Chess magazine yearbook CDROMs books ...
Chess magazine, books, CDROMs, New in Chess Yearbook, covering top level chess games and players includin...

BOOKUP Products
[Commercial] Chess database program (available on Mac and PC)

Learning Chess Area. Learn Chess from the Masters
Offers online chess lessons at three different levels. [Registration required]

Seagaard - Chess Reviews
Noted reviewer looks at chess books and software. Makes independent reviews on publishers, authors... Checkmate problems, tactics, and more chess resources.
Features problems, tips, and biographies.

Help file
Information and advice about bughouse strategy, as well as terminology.

Chess World - chess contest, games, software, PGN files and ...
Contains online play, PGN files, news, and contest information.

Xiangqi: Chinese Chess
Contain general game information, links to online shopping, rules, and pieces.



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