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Chess Nuts

Chess Success Secrets
Discover chess secrets used by Grand Masters!

The Chess Piece
Chess store selling chess sets, electronic chess games, chess computers and fine chess pieces, carved chess figures and chess boards.

Play Chess online Now!
Play chess for free against other players across the world in real time.

Coalville News
Local, regional, and statewide news collected from diverse sources on the web.

Ed's ever-growing Chess Page!
Chess pictures, stories, tournaments, games and problems.

Welcome to myUganda - Uganda's Leading Internet Resource
Business portal with current information.

melksham active net - information, news, sport, diary of events ...
Information, news, sports and diary of events.

The SegaCD Database
An ever-growing database on the SegaCD console, its games, and related information.

All Easy Cooking recipes for the chocolate lover. (fudge, cakes ...
Easy-to-prepare cakes, pies, candy and other chocolate desserts, including eclairs, chocolate chess...

The Shaggy Pun Test
Involves taking a test about 100+ corruptions of phrases. Submissions are accepted.

Farewell, Stanley Kubrick
Wendy Carlos on Stanley Kubrick.

The MacScouter -- Scouting Resources Online
Wordplay on Dick Whittington's cat, psychics, Beethoven, and witch doctors.

Daffynitions about multiple subjects.

Mmmm, Mmmm, Chocolate!
Site offers information and recipes.

Ecole Dufferin
A French immersion public school; the site includes class pages.

PD Chess Composition Books
Adobe Acrobat editions of old, public-domain books on chess problems and composition.

Many puzzles to choose from: crosswords, anagrams, doublets, trivia, math and word searches.

Seattle Bon Vivant
Searchable collection of recipes largely gathered from usenet groups.

Lawrence Tierney webpage by Todd Mecklem
Retrospective by Todd Mecklem.

The Red Final - Aberdeen Football Club
A fanzine with fixtures, statistics, club bibliography, and a cartoon album.

Web Data Structures and Algorithms
Lecture notes and links for a course by Godfried Toussaint.

The Back Door Gourmet - The Online Bakery That Delivers - Collin ...
Delivery of homemade cookies, pies and cakes in Collin, Dallas, and Rockwall Counties. Includes photos...

Pynchon - Film & TV: Film References
An interview by Colleen Sell discussing the actor and his career.

Some bad puns...
Attacks boll weevils, fish, chess, neutrons and even puns themselves, to name a few.

ChessGenius. World Championship Chess Program for the Palm ...
Chess for the Palm, uses 1987 Mephisto Roma world champion chess engine. Three board sizes, 40 levels...

The Alachua County Scholastic Chess Association Homepage
The parent organization responsible for scholastic chess in Alachua County, Florida.

One World Projects - Chess Sets
Interesting selection of evironmentally minded products. Orders via phone, fax or email only. New York, USA

Squigly's Jokes & Riddles for Kids
Riddles and knock-knock jokes from all around the world.

Turkey Belek Kemer Antalya Travel Hotels Car Rentals Holiday Golf
Offering airline tickets, hotel reservations as well as golf holidays, incentive trips, car rental,...

Find out how business writer Nancy Kamp copes when she's in over her head, and skill level.

Television Without Pity � Twin Peaks
Episodes, polls, and discussion boards.

Offers Cajun food including fresh seafood, andouille, boudin, crawfish pies, spices, and King Cakes.

Math puzzles
Logic puzzles and riddles with some solutions.

Mae Questel
Filmography (over 370 credits), trivia, and other details.

Mankala by Greg Vogl
General information about the game.

Uncle John '99
Wordplay from Uncle John, including "South Sea Laxative", "General's Funeral", and "Quasimodo".

CigarUtopia - The Place to be...
A bulletin board system that allows discussion between enthusiasts.
A HAL of an Idea

weird websites bizarre web sites strange humor joke jokes
Weird jokes, sayings, riddles, pictures and poems.

The Atlantic
December 2002

Superior Software
Information on the company.

Shawn Campbell's Life
The homepage of this teacher, musician and search engine optimizer features family, pictures, his...

KryssTal : English Usage in the UK and USA
A light-hearted look at some differences between English as spoken on both sides of the Atlantic.

When you call me, call me Al
An essay ridiculing puns, followed by some of the author's puns of his own.



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