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Chess Master

Chess Success Secrets
Discover chess secrets used by Grand Masters!

The Chess Piece
Chess store selling chess sets, electronic chess games, chess computers and fine chess pieces, carved chess figures and chess boards.

Play Chess online Now!
Play chess for free against other players across the world in real time.

Chess Notes
Contains past games and letters.

World Chess Network
Play online chess with opponents from beginners to grandmasters. World Chess Network provides free...

Gives details about the great psychological chess player and mathematician Emanual Lasker

Information about chess in Tamil Nadu and on chess players from Tamil Nadu. Includes a calendar of...

The Great Pawn Hunter Chess Tutorial
Free chess concepts without having to memorize moves from an instructor. The teacher has taught many...

Handmark Software: PocketChess Deluxe for Palm OS
[Shareware - $20] Full featured chess for Palm with color, PGN, infrared, variation support, 3000...

Iran chess in English
Includes news, rankings, ratings, and games.

Tournament and event calendar, directors and staff information, chess news, member ratings, tournament...

Chess City
Ezine with broad coverage, from the opening to the endgame, from history to gossip, special section...

The Chesshaven
Contains chess information.

ROBERT JAMES FISCHER by Bill Wall (Sep 20, 2004)
Features a biography that encompasses his birth through 1996.

Alexandra Kosteniuk Official Site
History, information, photos, games, on-line training, shop, and poems.

Bobby Fischer

About Chess : Learn to Play Chess - Games - Instruction - Tips ...
A wealth of chess resources.

Describes some of his achievements.

The Week in Chess
News updates about chess.

Xiang Qi Hyperlist
List of links sorted by type of site.

Anatoly Karpov

Biography of the famous chess master/problem composer.

Welcome to The Chessmill
Features news and club history.

Igor Khmelnitsky, International Chess Master, Experienced Coach
Chess news, lessons, book reviews, puzzles, software, and evaluation tests.

Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess - from
$9.95 - ages 10 and up - good for beginners and intermediate players.

Hikaru Nakamura makes master at 10 years, 2 months
Offers links, history, and news.

Fischer Random Chess - News
Describes Fischer's invented variation of chess.

ChessMate Chess Software
[Commercial - $19] Teaches rules, elementary tactics, and provides graduated opponent to ages 9+ with...

UMass Chess Club
Improving every member's skill level of Chess, challenging other chess clubs, and to encourage others...

Colorado Springs Chess News
Includes a newsletter, articles, games, upcoming events, and a place to submit your own articles.

Grandmaster George Koltanowski dies at age 96
Features a description of his career.

Bookup - Killer Chess Openings Software
Chess database program.

George Koltanowski 1903-2000
Includes career history.

Nebraska Chess History
A site devoted to the history of chess in Nebraska, going back to 1887.

Bill Wall's Chess Master Profiles - Philidor (Dec 14, 2002)
Features a chronology of events in his chess career.

ECC :: Europa Chess Club :: Chess is Chess and opposite!
Includes news, tournament information, and downloads.

International Correspondence Chess Federation - US Main Page
Offers tournament information, ranks, links, and rules.

Pakistan Chess Player
Concentrating on global chess happenings. Includes articles, discussion board, ratings, and reviews.

Chess Master Chess Sets Hand Crafted Wood Game
Sets, magnetic and wood pieces, boards and more, hand crafted and imported from Poland. Orders via...

Chessmaster 6000 for Mac
1 page review with many screenshots, rating

Welcome To Club XiangQi
XiangQi lovers play and make friends online.

Chess.FM - Internet Chess Radio
Runs national chess camps and workshops for youth and Colorado's Scholastic Chess Club.

Welcome GMChess - Grandmastres site!
Grandmaster site of 1999 FIDE World Chapmpion Alexander Khalifman and other top Grandmasters. Instruct...

Ed's ever-growing Chess Page!
Chess pictures, stories, tournaments, games and problems.

The Mysterious 19 In The Qur'an - A Critical Evaluation
Christian analysis of Dr. Khalifa's Quran translation and interpretation.



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