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Chess Success Secrets
Discover chess secrets used by Grand Masters!

The Chess Piece
Chess store selling chess sets, electronic chess games, chess computers and fine chess pieces, carved chess figures and chess boards.

Play Chess online Now!
Play chess for free against other players across the world in real time.

p class=g>George Boeree's Homepage
Professor's homepage includes several e-texts and course syllabi.

p class=g>NIEHS Kids' Pages Jokes, Humor, and Trivia
Jokes and riddle-jokes galore.

p class=g>Welcome to Rumela's Web
Diary, recipes, upcoming events and holidays.

The "Out of the Box" humor of an original comedian.

p class=g>ScriptsPub, source code of PHP, Perl, CGI, ASP, VbScript ...
A Web development directory that providing reviews, articles, tips and tutorials, scripts, software.

p class=g>Best of RHF: Gulf War Jokebook
A collection of contemporary jokes on the Gulf War.

p class=g>Online games
Over 100 quality games, including blackjack (21), chess, backgammon, mahjong, chinese checkers, battleshi...

p class=g>Sweeny's Barber Shop - Sweeny's Brain Online. Information on the ...
Information on the church of Scientology and Christianity, jokes, pictures drawn by children, Linux,...

p class=g>SantaBanta Homepage : Jokes, Wallpapers, e-cards and more
A punjab based site with a big collection of jokes.

p class=g>San Diego Chess Club
News, events, tournaments, and membership information.

p class=g>Free games online pc puzzles puzzle games flash games funny ...
Small Windows entertainment set specializing in jigsaw puzzles but also containing arcade, casino,...

p class=g>weird websites bizarre web sites strange humor joke jokes
Weird jokes, sayings, riddles, pictures and poems.

p class=g>Squigly's Jokes & Riddles for Kids
Riddles and knock-knock jokes from all around the world.

p class=g>Specialists in Chess sets and Magic Tricks, classic board games ...
Offers Chess sets, traditional board games, and magic tricks. Provides product information and images.

p class=g>#[]#[] Finite Chess #[]#[]
A survey of chess information, openings, endgames, midgames, positional play, tactics, biographies,...

p class=g>Compare prices on 1000s of products, read reviews, buy online - UK ...
Compare prices on thousands of products for UK delivery. Includes the most popular searches.

p class=g>Los Angeles Times - Kids' Reading Room
News and stories about California-related history, culture and issues. Includes streaming audio of...

p class=g>Free windows games, free mac games
Free game downloads, news, and online games.

p class=g>Buffoonery - dungeons & dragons humor
Comics, jokes, top ten lists, and a compilation of "You might be a gamer if..." lines.

p class=g>Surfing the Net with Kids: Guide to the BEST KID SITES for kids of ...
Kid sites reviews by syndicated newspaper columnist, Barbara J. Feldman.

p class=g>CNN - Postal worker Joseph Ileto mourned as President Clinton ...

p class=g>The Shaggy Pun Test
Involves taking a test about 100+ corruptions of phrases. Submissions are accepted.

p class=g>Favorite Doctor Jokes
Includes doctor jokes. All on one page. Includes stories, short jokes and an alternative medical dictionary.

p class=g>Vietmedia: Vietnam Music Lyrics Culture Chat Midi Picture Image ...
Vietnamese online community that offers Vietnamese recipes, chat, games, and other learning materials.

p class=g>pop culture shop for retro inspired gifts . memorabilia ...
Offers UK pop culture-related merchandise. Competitions, cult-horror reviews and retro-revolution...

p class=g>Lewis Carroll
An article looking at Carroll's work and his influence on modern writing.

p class=g>Free Online Games for Kids: Yahooligans! Games
Games for kids including chess, checkers, and dominoes.

p class=g><> and "GEB" FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions from the Hofstadter newsgroup.

p class=g>Stupid Australian Personalities - humorous biography site ...
Analysis of small and big-time Aussie stars from television, music, broadcasting and sport. Visitors...

p class=g>AllianceJokes
Offers two new stories at a time from a collection.

p class=g>Mathematical Resources: FUN WITH MATH, Math Humor, Jokes and ...
Annotated links to math jokes, humor and mathematical recreations.

p class=g>Pinoy Nation - Global info resource for Filipinos - Visit Basta ...
Contains resources on Philippine provinces and Filipino American immigration and history.

p class=g>You Know You're Italian When... -
Small collection.

p class=g>Neighborly News for entertainment - jobs - home - business ...
Including articles on youth, education, civics, business, careers, arts, entertainment, home, seniors,...

p class=g> (Armenian Free E-mail)-Postcards, News, Classifieds ...
Provides free email accounts. Allows sending and receiving e-mails and chat in Armenian. Offers also...

p class=g>The man who fell asleep; Sadness and ecstasy in unequal measures
Animations, writings, tales of the London Underground, disturbing journals and badgers.

p class=g>bag's Star Trek Page
Includes rules, notation, and instruction book ordering.

p class=g>April Fools Practical Jokes Gag Gifts
Contains a list of pranks from 1990 to present day. Also includes ideas for gag pranks.

p class=g>HyperStat Online: An Introductory Statistics Textbook and Online ...
Introductory hypertext statistics book. Each chapter contains links to related materials including...

p class=g>IQ Tests, Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Games, Trivia & Contests
Analogies, IQ tests, trivia, puzzles, contests and games for all ages.

p class=g>Jim Loy's Humor Page
Original fiction, non-fiction, and essays.

p class=g>IB Humor checklist
Anecdotal and humorous perspectives on IB life.

p class=g>Freebyte! - Your Guide to the Web. Freeware, shareware, clipart ...
Links to free software, shareware, games, screen savers, and web tools.



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