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Chess Success Secrets
Discover chess secrets used by Grand Masters!

The Chess Piece
Chess store selling chess sets, electronic chess games, chess computers and fine chess pieces, carved chess figures and chess boards.

Play Chess online Now!
Play chess for free against other players across the world in real time.

William Steinitz 1836
Gives details of the first official world chess champion

A group of players. Includes hints and game information.

Information about the origin and the rules of Kriegspiel, as well as information about Internet play.

Chess Academy
An online mag for the game of Chess. Contains news, puzzles, lessons and information on books, and...

International Email Chess Group Newsletter
Official chess newsletter of the International Email Chess Group.

Bobby Fischer

Chess on the Palm OS
Review of Chess Genius 1.3 and PocketChess 2.2.

George Koltanowski 1903-2000
Includes career history.

Nebraska Chess History
A site devoted to the history of chess in Nebraska, going back to 1887.

The Mac Observer: Computing With Bifocals - Chess And Your ...
This Mac Observer article discusses software for learning chess, playing chess over the internet,...

Inaugural lecture by Peter Preston discusses the challenges of the future including reader demands...

SoYouWanna learn how to play chess?
Concise, step-by-step instructions that will teach you to play chess. Explains the board set-up,...

Howard Staunton Biography
Features a chronicle of his life.

The Campbell Report - Correspondence Chess
Chess Correspondence articles, and information.

ATPM 7.02 - Review: Mac Chess Downloads
Review of Sigma Chess Lite 5.12, Vanessa Chess 2.01, with tournament results.

Chess Notes
Contains past games and letters.

US Chess Federation
News column covering events on the international chess scene as well as US chess federation news.

John B. Henderson's Chess Column: The Scotsman daily chess news
An almost daily chess column by John B. Henderson with viewable games online.

Grandmaster George Koltanowski dies at age 96
Features a description of his career.

Chess News, Chess Programs, Databases - Play Chess Online
Chessbase European Site. ChessBase is a multi-featured chess database program.

MindZine - Chess News
Chess news and articles from all around the world by Mind Sports Worldwide. News, features, polls,...

The Mac Observer: Computing With Bifocals - More On Mac Chess ...
Followup to "Chess and Your Macintosh" - discusses game collections, software, chess database, starting...

Los Angeles Times - Columns
Columns by John Balzar, Sandy Banks, Ronald Brownstein, Chris Erskine, Steve Harvey, Peter H. King,...

Solitaire Strategy Guide
Nine-step decision making process that guides a player to the correct play. :: Malaysia's Chess News
Contains forums, tournament news, games in PGN files, and links.

Columns (bf1)
Information by Jos Heesen includes articles on female chess players and Jan Hein Donner.

The Chess Oracle - Chess News from around the World
International and UK chess news.

Welcome to The chess page
A tutorial on the basics and intermediate skills needed in chess.

San Antonio Chess Club
Club information and news, map and directions, officer list, event schedule, and tournament results.

Ed's ever-growing Chess Page!
Chess pictures, stories, tournaments, games and problems.

Information on backgammon and society.

4NCL - The Four Nations League -
Provides news, games, results and fixtures.

Welcome To Quah Seng-Sun's Penang This Week
A collection of chess articles from The Star. Archives from 1998.

The Correspondence Chess Place
Offers articles and resources for the correspondence chess player.

Texas Chess Association
Chess event schedule and reports, membership information, and list of Texas chess clubs.

The New York Times > Crosswords & Games
The daily crossword puzzle with four ways to play, plus free classic crosswords and trivia quizzes....

Tim Krabb�'s Chess Curiosities
Chess problems with narrative about how each came about and what really happened after the position....

Chess Talk
Contains quizzes, a forum, and interviews.
A selection of pieces, boards and sets. Also contains book reviews, endgame studies, and columns on...

English column Szachowa Vistula Chess Monthly 2002
Internet Chess Monthly (English column) tournaments in Polands and abroad.

Pakistan Chess Player
A timeline of major matches and tournaments in chess history with crosstables and games in pgn format...

Pocket Press
an Ezine review of 7 Palm chess programs. Those that also run on Pocket PC are noted.



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