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Advanced Chess

Chess Success Secrets
Discover chess secrets used by Grand Masters!

The Chess Piece
Chess store selling chess sets, electronic chess games, chess computers and fine chess pieces, carved chess figures and chess boards.

Play Chess online Now!
Play chess for free against other players across the world in real time.

Welcome to Net-Chess.Com
Host server for correspondence games and sets of related matches. Email notification, ratings, user-selec...

Chess Puzzles
Sets of 12 problems for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players, in GIF format.

Chess on the Palm OS
Review of Chess Genius 1.3 and PocketChess 2.2.

Rules for 'dimensionalized chess' or '3-D chess'
Instructions for a three dimensional version.

Chessmill - SE Wisconsin Chess History
The history section of a site devoted to chess in Wisconsin.

Michigan Chess Academy. Index page
Localized organization for teaching students how to play chess. Lists clubs and events.

Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess - from
$9.95 - ages 10 and up - good for beginners and intermediate players.

AI Horizon: Introduction to Chess Programming and AI
Short and brief introduction to Chess programming, providing basic methods of how computers play chess.

Website of the Sacramento Chess Club
Tournament and event information, officers listing, recent tournament results, and downloadable club games.

Computer Chess / Chess Engines (Winboard) & Chess Programming Info ...
45 links to information on computer chess programming (bottom section of this web page)

Chess Tiger for Palm Handhelds
Review of Chess Tiger program on the Palm platform

ADVANCED CHARLATAN CHESS� About The History Of 'Western' Chess
A variation of Western-style game play by using analytical strategies.

Chess Rules Index Page
Rules, basics on how the pieces move, books, and a downloadable freeware chess game.

The Chess Knights
A community offering discussion and online gameplay.

Learning Chess Area. Learn Chess from the Masters
Offers online chess lessons at three different levels. [Registration required]

Chess House, Chess Games... Chess Sets, Clocks, Books, Software ...
Boards, books, videos, equipment and computers. Ordering by mail or toll-free only. Washington, USA

MSCP - Marcel's Simple Chess Program
Marcel's Simple Chess Program. Source code download only. Released under the GNU GPL free software...

Solutions In Hand
[Shareware $25] Reads/Writes chess games in PGN format. Does NOT play chess itself - it lets you play...

Help file
Information and advice about bughouse strategy, as well as terminology.

RPGchess - A Chess Variant by Patrick Mulcahy
A roleplaying-based game. Includes screenshots and download.

Chess for Pocket PC - IntelliChess
Chess program for handhelds with support for chess rules. Also offers adjustable time settings, difficul...

Directory of chess related information on the internet.

Chinese Chess
Rules, sample games, and endings.

Offers a wide selection of sets and related products.
Sells a variety of chess products, including ChessMates software and ChessHeads trading cards, as well as a full line of ChessMate pocket and travel sets.

Chess is Fun
Offers rules, openings, endgames, tactics, book reviews, and game archive.

Space Coast Chess
Chess clubs, tournaments, instruction and school activities in Brevard County, Florida.

Palm Chess HIARCS: The Best and Strongest PDA Chess Program
[Commercial $38.59, free demo] World chess champion engine, ARM/68K, color, PGN, 500 kb [Updated 7-30-04]

Clatskanie Chess Club
A resource for scholastic chess players and their parents. Find out about local tournaments and order...

Richmond Junior Chess Club for kids Surrey South-West London ...
News, results, upcoming events, and membership details for a children's chess club in southwest London.

United States Chess Clubs
Directory listing of local clubs and tournaments organized by state with contact and location information.

Xiangqi may be the most popular board game on Planet Three. It is a great game, but it is virtually...

GameKnot -- play chess online! Internet chess games.
Online chess community. Online play, tournaments, chess league, and thematic mini-tournaments.

Discount Chess Shop - Home Page
Includes sets, clocks, boards, software, DVDs, and books.

International Correspondence Chess Federation - US Main Page
Offers tournament information, ranks, links, and rules.

Chess Mentor by Aficionado
Includes support, a demo, and purchasing information.

Chess Tiger for Palm - Home Page
A USCF Life Master reports on a 26-game match between these Palm programs.

Classic Chess And Games .com - Electronic chess computers, boards ...
We specialize in electronic chess computer sets from Fidelity, Saitek, Mephisto, and Excalibur, and...

The Great Pawn Hunter Chess Tutorial
Free chess concepts without having to memorize moves from an instructor. The teacher has taught many...

TB Labs Products, Solutions, Services
Assigns hot keys for such repetitive tasks including frequently used text, date and time stamps,... Online Chess Games Database
Online PGN chess game database with java viewers, and chat forums.

Chess -
Categorized links to rules, history, graphics, ratings, books, articles, matches, software, forums,...

[Commercial - $20] Chess game with tutorials, 2D/3D board, network play,"Ruffian" engine (SSDF rating 2678)



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