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Rainy Day Chess

The Chess Piece
Chess store selling chess sets, electronic chess games, chess computers and fine chess pieces, carved chess figures and chess boards.

Play Chess online Now!
Play chess for free against other players across the world in real time.

the toyscape catalog
Offering puppets, games, infant toys, stuffed animals, tin items, and puzzles.

[stuff deleted].... this gem of an ascii dictionary that contains ...
Urdu-English Dictionary with information on Word Origin (Roman Urdu)

Favorite Doctor Jokes
Includes doctor jokes. All on one page. Includes stories, short jokes and an alternative medical dictionary.

SuperKids Educational Software Review.
Provides impartial reviews of children's software by parents, teachers, and kids.

Bob Burrough, Independent C++ Zealot - HomePage
Code archive, software recommendations, resume, software development tools.

The greatest program ever written

Catalogue of education software for children.

The Chuck Miller Creative Writing Service: Dickie Goodman
Biographical article by Chuck Miller and discography of the artist who, with Bill Buchanan, developed...

mu by George
A weBlog about nothing. Thoughtful rants on politics, society, science, computer system development,...

Fan Fiction
A collection of rhyming tributes to Harry Potter and his friends.

Diderot: Rameau's Nephew (E-Text)
Online English translation by Ian Johnston of this 1762 work by Diderot. Includes links to the French text.

The New Yorker: Fact
Interview by Alec Wilkinson. Lyle Lovett discusses his family's deep connection to Klein, Texas.

Commentary on recent developments in the area of criminal sentencing, from Professor Douglas A. Berman...

ShtetLinks Page -- Pilzno, Poland
Pilzno was a shtetl of 150 Jewish families on the Wisloka river, 101 km east of Krakow. Information...

Copan Ruins
Tourist guide including sites and local businesses.

Rainy Day Playhouse - Free Kids Games
Free web entertainment for kids of all ages, with postcards, arcade games, puzzles, and cartoons....

Rohit's Web_Hut
Education, software, MP3s, games, jokes, and links.


Psychology of Cyberspace - Psychology of Avatars
Discussion of the psychology behind choosing avatars for virtual worlds.

Why I Should Marry Liz Phair
Fan's tribute to the singer.

Names For Cats, Pet Names, Favorite Names
Alphabetized list with favorites added by users.

-( )-
The weblog of a programmer. Watch him suffer the slings and arrows... eh, nevermind.

Computer Adventures, The Secret Art
The full book on designing, creating and publishing a game by Gil Williamson.

Chess Academy
An online mag for the game of Chess. Contains news, puzzles, lessons and information on books, and...

Yank Rachell
Blues mandolin pioneer. Biography, recordings and bibliography.

Menlo Park News
L'auteur analyse l'ergonomie, l'usabilit�, le design, et l'exp�rience utilisateur des sites web.

Full Bleed: Confessions of a Zine Girl
Drucilla B. Blood's weblog.

Rainier / Pearl / Lucky Lager Beer Bottle Cap Puzzles Solved ...
The answers to the bottlecap rebus style puzzles found on Rainier Beer and Pearl Beer caps.

List of games
Minimuseo de las consolas de Nintendo, Sega y Sony. Adem�s emuladores que existen sobre ellas.

Austin Park Foundation
Non-profit organization committed to expanding, protecting, and revitalizing the area park and open...

1930: Leon Trotsky in Norway
1936 Letter by Leon Trotsky on his exile in Norway six years earlier.

Caravan Parks, Caravanning, Touring Holiday Parks in Cornwall ...
The holiday park is on a lee slope, one mile from the beaches of Widemouth Bay.

Pedal Tractors - Outdoor Toys - Trampolines - Pedal Cars - Farm ...
The Online Toy Store for Outdoor Goodies - Quality products at every day low prices

Board Games Fan Page at Graceful Boot
Gaming journal and links.

White-Jacket; or, The World in a Man-of-War
All in one HTML file. 868K.



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