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Free Chess Program

The Chess Piece
Chess store selling chess sets, electronic chess games, chess computers and fine chess pieces, carved chess figures and chess boards.

Play Chess online Now!
Play chess for free against other players across the world in real time.

GNU Chess
Tim Mann's GNU page. A very useful resource for GNU Chess. It includes an extensive FAQ.

Chess Geek - chess screen saver, pgn viewer, chess puzzles, chess ...
Contains puzzles, books, PGN files, software reviews, news, and links.

Sigma Chess - Macintosh Chess Software
[Freeware] Master strength free Macintosh chess program with 3D set, prints games with diagrams, OSX...

Free Chess and Bughouse Game Download - Net Blitz II - NetBlitz ...
Playable over the Internet or against a computer.

Scid: A Free Chess Database App
Free chess database for Windows and Unix

NagaSkaki: A Free chess program for Windows
Windows version by Neels Groenewald with a computer opponent.

Beowulf Home Page
WinBoard and XBoard chess engine that runs on Windows, UNIX and Linux. Source code is available.

ATPM 5.09 - Reviews: Shareware Roundup
Review/ratings of 5 free Macintosh chess programs: Sigma Chess(Excellent), MacChess (Very Nice),...

Homepage for SAGE draughts/checkers, Dynamo 10x10 checkers ...
Selection of strategy and action games that include Sage draughts, Connect 4, Reversi and Othello.

Chess Software-Free Chess to Download-Chess Sets-Strategy ...
Offering chess books, software, downloads and chess sets. Includes a comprehensive chess product review...

Exant Software - ExaChess
[Shareware] Reads/writes chess game databases in ChessBase, NICBase, PGN, EPD and ExaChess formats....

Ed's ever-growing Chess Page!
Chess pictures, stories, tournaments, games and problems.

Bookup - Killer Chess Openings Software
Chess database program.

ChessGenius. World Championship Chess Program for the Palm ...
Chess for the Palm, uses 1987 Mephisto Roma world champion chess engine. Three board sizes, 40 levels...

The Mac Observer: Computing With Bifocals - Chess And Your ...
This Mac Observer article discusses software for learning chess, playing chess over the internet,...

Convekta Chess Site ::
Includes support, demo download, company information, and prices.

Offers a chess tool pocket program designed to play chess by email.

Program for Windows and Linux allowing free distribution.

Pocket Download: Free software for smartphone and handheld devices
[Commercial -$9.95, no demo] Based on the free Openchess Palm (below) but with more features 150 kb...

Chess Sets for Fixation for Macintosh
Traditional pieces you can use, with how-to.

ChessMate Chess Software
[Commercial - $19] Teaches rules, elementary tactics, and provides graduated opponent to ages 9+ with...

Wide range of software applications, drivers, games, photo editing, and palm software.

chess . com Online Chess Game
Shows children how to play the game using an online version of it. Also includes links.

Chess pairing program
A Windows-based program available in the Swedish. Has download.

FreewarePalm: Open Chess v2.0
[Free] Port of GNUChess to Palm - required color Palm [V2.0 11/15/2003]

Free Game Downloads and More -
Quality shareware games including role playing games such as the Winged Warrior series, a game maker...

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Offers a free E-mail chess program that integrates directly with users mail program.

Student Chess
Afterschool chess site for all of San Luis Obispo county in California.

Chess Software / Chess Engines, Databases, Training Software, and ...
Reviews many commercial chess software packages. The site also contains book suggestions and software tips.

Exant Software - ExaChess
[Freeware] Version of Crafty with code added so that ExaChess can be used as a GUI interface and computer...

Yahoo! Chess vs. The Chess Servers
Compares the features of Yahoo chess with those of other chess servers.

HIARCS: The Best PC, Mac and PDA Palm Chess Software Program
Official site contains information and downloads of the game.

Schr�der BV
One of the strongest PC programs. Free version is Rebel Decade - #2 on Komputer Korner freeware list #113.

Chess House, Chess Games... Chess Sets, Clocks, Books, Software ...
Boards, books, videos, equipment and computers. Ordering by mail or toll-free only. Washington, USA

Chess servers hosting multiple games.

Pocket Press
an Ezine review of 7 Palm chess programs. Those that also run on Pocket PC are noted.

ATPM 7.02 - Review: Mac Chess Downloads
Review of Sigma Chess Lite 5.12, Vanessa Chess 2.01, with tournament results.

How to use Crafty with WinBoard
Step by step instructions on using WinBoard with Crafty.

True Type chess fonts and Chess DTP
[Freeware] Truetype chess font - 4th link on page is Mac download link. (c) Hans Bodlaender

Personal Page of FreeChess
Chess game for Palm. Uses GNU chess engine. Supports color devices. Freeware.

Rudolf Posch
Chess with a Windows GUI and most of the features of commercial programs.



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