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Chess Practice

Chess Success Secrets
Discover chess secrets used by Grand Masters!

The Chess Piece
Chess store selling chess sets, electronic chess games, chess computers and fine chess pieces, carved chess figures and chess boards.

Play Chess online Now!
Play chess for free against other players across the world in real time.

Collection of games from tournaments in India and of Indian chess players both in India and abroad.

Bookup - Killer Chess Openings Software
Chess database program.

Chinese Chess
Rules, sample games, and endings.

Berkshire Junior Chess
News, fixtures and results, player grades, and photographs.

US Chess Hall of Fame - Inductee Biography
Gives a biography of this inductee.

Chess Programming Theory
Great site for programmers, has information on everything you need to understand a chess computers brain.

"Catch the King"
Paul Simon is a National Chess Master, teacher, and organizes tournaments, simultaneous exhibitions...

chess . com Online Chess Game
Shows children how to play the game using an online version of it. Also includes links.

Guide to the use of Computer Chess Endgame Tablebases
Answers common questions regarding the use of endgame tablebases.

ChessMate Chess Software
[Commercial - $19] Teaches rules, elementary tactics, and provides graduated opponent to ages 9+ with...

San diego Chess Academy,chess products,chess for kids,after school ...
A non-profit organization dedicated to teaching children the game of chess.

Features a question and answer session with Smyslov.

Just Chess! - Chess Improvement, Tips and Tricks to improve your ...
Provides puzzles, tips and tricks, and player profiles.

Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess - from
$9.95 - ages 10 and up - good for beginners and intermediate players.

Mikhail Botvinnik
Features a biography and game playable through a java applet.

DHS Homepage
Progress reports, daily bulletin, academics, alumni, athletics, calendar, career center, course expectati...

Chess is Fun
Clear instructions on how the chess pieces move.

Yahoo! Chess vs. The Chess Servers
Compares the features of Yahoo chess with those of other chess servers.

Chess For Kids - Growing Young Minds
We specialize in electronic chess computer sets from Fidelity, Saitek, Mephisto, and Excalibur, and...

ATPM 7.02 - Review: Mac Chess Downloads
Review of Sigma Chess Lite 5.12, Vanessa Chess 2.01, with tournament results.

United States Braille Chess Association Home Page
Promotes correspondence and over-the-board chess among chess enthusiasts who are blind or visually...

The Chess Coach
Quality chess lessons for children.

Chess Informant
Informants are chess books in print and on CD of recent games. Most are annotated by top players.

CHEBACHE - NEW STRATEGIC BOARD GAME: Uniting Checkers, Backgammon ...
A strategic board game combining elements of checkers, backgammon and chess and bridging the gaps...

Welcome to The chess page
A tutorial on the basics and intermediate skills needed in chess.

How to Play Chess
Flash movies explaining the basic moves, terms, and concepts. Includes a study guide and audio commentary...

Pakistan Chess Player
Chess site including tournament information, news, ratings, and instruction.

Chess Notes
Contains past games and letters.

NetIntellGames card and board games
Gin, Cribbage, Spades and other games available to play offline or online.

Handmark Software: PocketChess Deluxe for Palm OS
[Shareware - $20] Full featured chess for Palm with color, PGN, infrared, variation support, 3000...

Help file
Information and advice about bughouse strategy, as well as terminology.

Chess Mentor by Aficionado
Includes support, a demo, and purchasing information.

IBM Research
Deep Blue

Chess on the Gold Coast
Purpose built chess centre on the Gold Coast of Australia. After school chess lessons and tutoring.

HIARCS: The Best PC, Mac and PDA Palm Chess Software Program
Official site contains information and downloads of the game.

The Week in Chess
News updates about chess.

Xiangqi: Chinese Chess
Contain general game information, links to online shopping, rules, and pieces.

William Steinitz 1836
Gives details of the first official world chess champion

Valley Home Scholars Home Page
Supporting and encouraging home schooling.

Colorado Springs Chess News
Includes a newsletter, articles, games, upcoming events, and a place to submit your own articles.

Bughouse and Tandem Chess
Bughouse rules and strategy, as well as information about playing by email.



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